About Us

Welcome to Footprint Fashions!

Footprint Fashions makes vegan and environmentally friendly fashion products, including faux-leather and leather-look shoes, bags, wallets and accessories, available to everyone

We showcase amazing vegan fashions to excite everyone! New materials that are healthy for the planet and all its Earthlings are being developed and manufactured into trendy fashions. Anyone can now look great and also feel great knowing that together we are reducing our footprints and reducing harm to all of nature’s precious lives!

In the past years, since moving to beautiful Sydney, I have been using public transportation on a daily basis. While waiting for the bus or for the ferry, I have had the opportunity to observe people around me and I noticed that almost everyone was using leather shoes, belts and accessories.

When I started researching vegan goods I realised that many talented people out there were using their skills to create innovative products, respecting all other beings and being nice to the environment!

Thanks to the positivity and good vibrations sent from people around me, and thanks to the love and support of those that are always there for me, I decided to begin this new adventure. Providing an alternative choice that doesn’t cause harm or suffering to animals has since become a passion of mine.

Be compassionate! Love life! Go Vegan!