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What To Expect Out Of The Cost Of Getting Hair Extensions

Are you looking to get your hands on some of the best hair extensions in Australia ? Unless you are some famous Hollywood star (and most of us are not), you will find that the cost can be significant. Still, we yearn for long, thick locks of hair which is why you are probably reading this in the first place.

Here are some ballpark figures to consider:

  • partial hair extensions cost around $300 to $800

  • Full hair extensions require around $1300 to $4000

  • Clip in hair extensions cost around $90

  • You can expect to fork up approximately $66 to $83 when you buy tape in extensions online

As you can see from the figures above, hair extensions are not exactly cheap and what most people do not realise is that you would not want it to be if you want the best possible results.

Cost of hair extensions depends on many elements, so the ballpark figures above indeed can vary that much. Here is a breakdown of some of the significant factors that will play a role in the total expense of your extensions.

Type of Hair Being Used

This is among the significant consider identifying the expense of your extensions. There a great deals of different kinds of hair that can be used and some are more pricey than others.

Human hair extensions are the most expensive type of extension, but within human hair extensions, there are levels of quality. There is Remi or Remy hair that is an excellent quality of hair which indicates that all the cuticles are uni-directional. There is virgin human hair meaning that the hair has never ever been chemically processed.

Among the most expensive type of hair available is Virgin Remy Person Hair. This is hair that has never been permed, coloured, highlighted, or otherwise chemically processed. The charm of this type of hair is that the cuticles are all undamaged and are unidirectional. Having the cuticles all dealing with the same direction decreases the risk of matting and tangling.

If you are looking for merely short-term extensions, then consider human hair clip on extensions. All credible hair extension brands provide clip in hair extensions that are made with human hair. Many can be acquired online or at a beauty supply shop because they can be connected at home yourself.

If you are looking for just enjoyable extensions for a unique occasion or Halloween celebration, then consider artificial extensions. Artificial extensions are made from fibres designed to replicate human hair. They are more affordable than a human hair and can come in fun colours like hot pink and purple. There are even dreadlock extensions offered for those wanting a substantial modification (without the wait involved with growing real fears).

Length of Hair Being Utilized

The longer the hair, the more it will cost. Longer hair of the highest quality is a lot more cash and might need to be specially purchased. However, if you are going to go all out, then get the length you want and keep in mind that after you have your extensions applied, that your stylist will need to cut it to have it mix in with your natural hairs.

Maintenance & Touch-ups.

When considering extensions, you should likewise think the cost of upkeep. This would be changes and touch-ups about every 6-8 weeks. Similarly, you will need to buy some unique items created to keep your hair healthy, including different hair shampoos and conditioners.

If you are getting your extensions coloured to match your hair, then there might be an extra cost for that. Some extensions can be re-used if they are properly maintained, however, there may be an additional cost for new bonding or glue.

These are the little expenses that not many people think of when getting hair extensions; it is not just the hair and attachment, there’s a lot more to it than that.


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